Track Legislation and Watch or Listen to Legislative Hearings and Sessions

Official California Legislative Information -
LegInfo allows you to read and check the status of bills introduced in the current legislative session or review legislation from previous years. There is also a searchable database of the 29 codes that make up California Law.

California Channel -
The California Channel airs live Senate and Assembly hearings and floor sessions. There is also an archive of past hearings.

Find your Representative

You can identify your representative in the California State Senate, California State Assembly and Congress by clicking on the following links:

California State Senate -
California State Assembly -
Congress -

California Executive Branch

The California Executive Branch consists of many agencies that report directly to the Governor. Below are links to the Governor’s Web site and state agencies that regulate different aspects of California’s ranching industry.
State Agencies:
California Department of Fish and Game -
California Coastal Commission -
California Board of Forestry -
State Water Board -
Air Resources Board -
California Department of Food and Agriculture -
California Department of Transportation -

Federal Executive Branch

The president is the head of the executive branch of the government, which includes many departments and agencies. Below are links to the President’s Web site and federal agencies that regulate different aspects of California’s ranching industry.

Federal Regulations -
Federal Agencies:
United States Department of Agriculture-
United States Fish and Wildlife Service-
United States Bureau of Land Management -
United States Forest Service -
United States Department of Transportation -