YCC Events

As a way to garner funds to help the next generation of ranchers prepare for the future, the YCC holds annual fundraisers that attract rancher statewide each year. Money raised at these event allows YCC members to hold and attend leadership events, network at meetings statewide and become educated in the issues that may impact the future of ranching in the California. To learn more about planned events, check back often! In addition to fundraiser events, YCC often holds tours at livetock and agriculuture facilities to help up-and-coming ranchers learn more about the world around them and better prepare them for their own careers. For more informano about YCC events, contact Stevie Ipsen in the CCA office at (916) 444-0845. In 2013, rather than hold a fall fundraiser, YCC officers have opted to hold a statewide raffle for a 22-rifle, donated by Tulare County ranchers Justin Greer and Sam Travioli. To purchase tickets, contact one of your CCA officers or Stevie Ipsen in the CCA office.