CCA Officer

Second Vice President Jack Lavers

Jack Lavers, a sixth generation rancher from Glennville, Calif. was elected to serve his fellow CCA members as a CCA Second Vice President at the 98th CCA/CCW Annual Convention in Sparks, Nev.

As family is very important to Lavers, he and his wife Jenny and their daughter Reagan reside in Glennville where Lavers' family first began raising cattle in 1858.

With a love of ranching instilled in him since day one by his father and a first-hand understanding of issues that impact the livelihoods of ranchers, Lavers take pride in his responsibilities to his fellow CCA members as a second vice president of the association. With future generations in mind, one of his goals is to effectively communicate with members in order to know their thoughts and recommendations for CCA's actions. 

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