CCA’s Young Cattlemen’s Committee"Combining the wisdom of the past with the vision of the future."

The future of the California cattle industry rests in the hands of CCA’s youth. For that reason, the Young Cattlemen’s Committee was formed in 1992.

Not only does YCC help young ranchers-in-the-making learn about the issues facing the cattle industry, but it helps them build relationships with other young cattlemen who are passionate about the same lifestyle as they are.

When the idea of YCC was integrated into CCA membership, it started with the idea of giving those who are the future of the agriculture industry a chance to voice their concerns and have a say in the decisions that CCA is making today. For that reason, YCC carries a vote on CCA's board of directors.

In addition to serving as a link to the next generation of California ranchers, YCC promotes education, leadership and career enhancement.

Requirements of joining YCC are that members must be 25 years of age or younger, or be a full-time student. YCC members must also own less than 100 head of cattle.

For more information on joining YCC, contact Malorie Bankhead at (916)444-0845.

To meet your 2013-2014 CA YCC state officer team, click here.
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