CCA Officers

The CCA leadership team is elected by the CCA membership and re-slated each year at the annual CCA Convention. CCA’s Officer Team is made up of individuals throughout the state of California who have expertise in the beef industry in their local area as well as knowledge about the entire beef production chain.

These ranchers represent California beef producers at a variety of meetings in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., a dedicate a great deal of time working to ensure a more favorable business climate for CCA members and California cattle producers.

To learn more about any of these individuals or to contact them about beef industry issues that concern you, click on their names below.

First Vice President
Second Vice President
Jack Lavers, Glennville
Mark Lacey, Independence
Rob von der Lieth, Copperopolis
Feeder Council Chair
Bill Brandenberg, El Centro
Feeder Council Vice Chair
Mike Smith, Selma