CCA Staff

Office Administrator Katie Almand

As CCA’s Office Administrator, Katie Almand's role is communicating with members and assisting other CCA staff in their ongoing efforts to promote and protect California’s beef producers.

Almand graduated from University of California, Davis (UC Davis) in 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and an emphasis in production animals. During her time at UC Davis she worked in the California Animal Health Food and Safety Laboratory and at the UC Davis dairy. After graduation, Almand worked at UC Davis as the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Student Activities and Outreach Coordinator. Almand was interested in beef cattle from an early age, which made her a standout in her hometown of Anaheim.

Almand, who also assists the California Wool Growers Association and the California Pork Producers Association, works full time in the CCA office where she is readily accessible to the members of all three organizations.

Katie Almand can be reached at (916) 444-0845 or by e-mail at