CCA Officer

President Billy Flournoy

Billy Flournoy was elected to serve a two year term as the 2015-2016 CCA President in Sparks, Nev. at the 98th CCA/CCW Annual Convention.

As a 4th generation Northern California rancher, Flournoy brings with him much beef production experience that will benefit the association over the next two years. Throughout his term, Flournoy will travel the state to promote California beef production and share with cattlemen and women the importance of speaking up for cattle production and supporting the membership-driven grassroots organization.

Flournoy and his wife, Athena, run Likely Land and Livestock Co., in Modoc County, alongside Billy’s brothers, John and David. Flournoy has also served as president of the Modoc County Cattlemen’s Association, member of the Public Lands Council, and as a long-time member of the CCA’s Public Lands Committee.


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