As fires continue to rage across California, destroying life and property, our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.

    Various federal government programs exist to provide disaster assistance for those who have been impacted by wildfires. Although your attention is no doubt focused on the situation at hand, it's important to note that several of the disaster assistance programs have initial notification deadlines that must be met in order to be eligible for funding.
  • 29th Annual CCA/CCW Photo Contest
    Calling all amateur photographers! Enter the CCA & CCW Photo Contest by Nov. 1! 
  • The issues are just important today as they were yesterday!
    Now more than ever, it is critical that all ranchers share their voices and work together to protect our industry.
  • Check Up on Transportation Regulations
    This fact sheet provides an overview of transportation regulations that may impact you. Contact Justin in the CCA office with any questions.
  • Order Anaplasmosis Vaccine!
    Protect you herd against Anaplasmosis and cash in on your CCA members benefits!
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  • 2018 CCA Scholarship Application Now Available
    Apply for a CCA scholarship before Oct. 12, 2018!
  • Order SE 365 boluses!
    Protect your herd against a Selenium deficiency. 
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  • CERCLA and EPCRA Reporting Fact Sheet
    Two environmental laws, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), require reporting releases of a hazardous substance that exceeds a reportable quantity within a 24-hour period. The purpose of the notification is for federal, state, and local officials to evaluate the need for an emergency response to mitigate the effects of the release to the community.
    Due to a recent court decision, some farms (including ranches, livestock operations and/or animal operations) will soon be required to report hazardous substance air releases from animal waste under CERCLA.
  • Air Ambulance Insurance

    In a medical emergency, every second counts...especially when transporting patients that are far away from adequate medical treatment.

    Put your CCA membership to good use with discounts from AirMedCare Network, your local air ambulance provider. Only $65 per year for CCA members!

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